Which one wins?

Once in a while I'll drink some of the Kool-Aid and try out one of the advertisers from one of Leo LaPorte's shows on the TWiT network. Most recently I tried products from "Harry's". They sell shaving supplies marketing them as giving the "Smoothest Shave Ever". The other selling point was how inexpensive and high quality the blades were. Wow, that's quite a claim and who could resist, right? Steve Gibson went on and on about them even in unpaid spots (Leo wasn't happy) so I said what the heck and ordered a basic set for my brothers and brothers-in-law around Fathers Day. I got one for myself too and tried it out right away. When I opened it I found a very nice presentation in their packaging. This was definitely packaged as the razor for iPhone/iMac users if the packaging presentation can be ranked. The basic set comes with a razor handle, 3 razor blades, and a tube of very nice shave cream. I opted to get the Truman set with the plastic handle ($15.00/set) because of the supposed slippery feel of the Churchill's smooth metal handle ($25.00/set). I found the grip on the handle to be really good and I found the shave cream to be great. The shave was exceptional. True to their claims it was a great shave but was this the closest I had ever had?? It was AS close but there is still a spot on my left neck that is the failure point for all razors. I have to say that Harry's performed just as well as my Dorco blades/handle using Dr. Bronners Pure Liquid Castille Soap derived from Hemp. The Dorco handle/blade does offer one performance advantage however. I can bash the Dorco razor on the sink as hard as I need to in order the clear the blades from stubble/cream. When I try that with the Harry's razor the blade flies off into the sink. To be fair to Harry's, I have not reported this to them but I'm sure they'll give me another handle to try if I ask. So, which set wins? Well, they both win but I think the Harry's set will go into my travel bag and I'll keep the Dorco set as my every day set. Why? My Dorco razor has a better grip in my opinion, the blades are less expensive (8% in quantity of 16), and we always have Dr. Bronner's in the house. Tea Tree Oil is best for shaving.

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