Yesterday I reassembled Katie's old Pitch Back whose pieces had been duct taped together for the last 7 or 8 years. Not much was left of the tape however. The net and frame are both in fairly good shape but the rubber bands that attach the net to the frame had rotted long before I finally stowed the rest. Since the boys are starting to play baseball it seemed like a good idea to see if I could put it back together. I have a handful of bungee ties, you know, the plastic ball that has an elastic loop attached to them, that I used to get the net stretched fairly taut. I need to get another half dozen or so to do the job right. They will give the net that needed extra elasticity that should cause the ball to bounce back farther than it does.

After I got things together yesterday I threw for a few minutes and it was fun except for the slanted ground which made me fall hard to the left after I released each pitch. Today I moved the contraption to the side lot which is quite flat and threw for nearly a half hour - left handed which was even more fun. Katie still has a glove here at the house and luckily it is an over sized softball mitt that fit a bit snugly but as long as I didn't take it off and put it on it worked out well. Now if I can just get the kids' minds off Minecraft long enough to use it.

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