Sam's first baseball practice was this evening but we're lucky it even came off. It was raining when we arrived but after a short while it let up enough to practice. As expected, 8 and under coach-pitch yielded a diverse selection of players which were further defined by their talents. It was easy to spot the ones who had the natural ability. One stand-out was a young girl who may have been 7. She was one of the smaller kids on the field but she may have been the best. Her hitting stance and follow through was fierce. She had a wicked throw and could catch very well.

Sam did well and we already know some things we'll need to practice. Running won't be one of them however. He streaked around the bases at the end of the practice. He has a super arm and just needs to work on his control a bit. Shortly after we arrived home the light rain shower returned as a pretty intense storm causing me to reset the clocks in the house twice. Just waiting for the sunny warm weather now.

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